Identity and Condition of Roller Coaster Accident Victim Released

Photo courtesy Ozarks First.

by: Christina Randall and Francis Lin, Ozarks First

The 11-year-old boy who was severely injured on a Branson rollercoaster Sunday night has been identified, and his grandmother is sharing the latest on his condition.

Aalondo Ford is currently at Mercy Hospital in Springfield and has already gone through two surgeries for his injuries.

The nightmare began on Sunday when Aalondo and his family, on vacation from Tennessee, decided to go ride the Branson Coaster.

There is no official word on what caused the accident, but Shelandra Ford says her grandson thought the ride had ended when it stopped on the tracks. So, he stood up, and the ride started back up knocking him down. Aalondo then became trapped under the coaster.

According to Shelandra Ford, her grandson is totally blind in his right eye and is 15% blind in his left eye and she says that may have contributed to the accident.

Officials say it took around one hour and 45 minutes to rescue Aalondo, and he was immediately taken by helicopter to Mercy.

Shelandra Ford tells Ozarks First says Aalondo’s legs are seriously damaged and may need amputation.

More information including an interview with Shelandra Ford can be found on the Ozarks First Website.


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