Branson Board Delays Final Reading of Animal Ordinance

by: JonChristopher Collins

Branson’s Board of Aldermen had the final reading of Bill 5972 which amends Chapter 14 of the City code related to animals by repealing and replacing it; the vote and discussion were postponed.

Branson Police Chief Jeff Matthews recommended that it be delayed until May 25. “I recommend that we initiate some town hall meetings. I recommend three individual ward town hall meetings, small groups,” Matthews said.

“Thank you, Chief Matthews. I think that’s a great suggestion,” Mayor Larry Milton said.

Alderman Clay Cooper said he agrees with postponing. “I think the reason is to give time for the public to comment,” Cooper said. The discussion around the bill was postponed to a date not to exceed Aug. 24. The vote to postpone passed in favor of postponement six to zero.

According to the “Detailed Analysis” section of the staff report, “Chapter 14 as amended creates annual license fees for certain domestic animals and animals deemed to be Dangerous and/or Vicious Dogs.”


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