Harrison Chamber Marketing Director Gives Updates

by: JonChristopher Collins

Wilson Marseilles is Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Director of Investors and Marketing; he recently talked about program successes, local businesses, and upcoming events.

“My job is to kind of tell the story of everything we do, especially when it comes to digital marketing,” Marseilles said.

Marseilles said Planet Fitness is a business everyone is excited about. He said they open on May 17. “It’s pretty nice,” he said while discussing a recent tour he took of the facility.

Marseilles talked about his hopes that the workforce shortage will decrease. “The Workforce Initiative Network, the thing that’s been going on, I think we’re just wrapping up year two. Our collaboration with the OUR co-op that serves our 16 school districts,” he said.

“The college has been instrumental with all of their workforce programs, trying to train up the high school kids in a way that says, we know that 60% of them, our stats show that 60% of them are going to go on to college or university, but 40% won’t.”

He said while he thinks focus in the past has been on the 60% going on with their education, the idea is to connect the 40% to a job. “Not just a minimum wage job but a living wage job,” Marseilles said.

“We’re getting back to ribbon cuttings and in-person events.”

Marseilles was interviewed on “Around The Table” on KHOZ Thursday. He gives more details throughout the interview; the entire interview is available on the Around The Table Facebook Page.


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