Branson City Mask Mandates End, Residents, Business Owners Still Using Caution

by: Jacob Blount, Ozarks First

Branson public safety guidelines are easing up with the official repeal of the city’s mask mandate last Friday.

Effie Koutouzis, the owner of Lori’s Soap Market and Gifts, said even though she gives customers the choice, she will still wear a mask.

“I feel that we should still be wearing masks,” said Koutouzis. “We deal with a lot of people on a daily basis, so truthfully to help my employees and myself. I’ve been vaccinated, so I feel comfortable, but still there’s people who come in here that aren’t vaccinated that have health issues.”

This repeal was decided when the Branson Board of Aldermen voted unanimously on April 13.

“I’m still going to keep a mask on my gear shift in the truck because I never know when I might need that,” said Cooper. “If I’m around somebody and they’re obviously they’re nervous or they’re wearing a mask, then I’m going to respect that and put a mask on.”

Even though the law that mandated masks and social distancing in Branson is no longer in effect, residents like Eric Pallozzi believe it’s for the best.

“People that are at risk are getting vaccinated, so there’s not as much risk,” said Pallozzi. “People by now are well aware of the, how to socially distance, how to wash their hands and be safe. So I think putting the responsibility on the people is a good way to go.”

The complete feature story can be seen on the Ozarks First Website.


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