Celebration in the Sky Set To Take Off

by: JonChristopher Collins

The 25th Annual “Celebration in the Sky” Arkansas Hot Air Balloon State Championships, postponed from last fall due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, is set for this Friday thru Sunday.

Judy McCutcheon from Boone County Regional Airport and Renée Swanson with Explore Harrison are involved in the event. They recently addressed concerns surrounding the weather for the event during a visit to KHOZ’s “Around the Table” program..

Any changes made can be found online. “Our website exploreharrison.com…we’ll have updates on there as well as on Facebook under Explore Harrison. We will keep that up-to-date to let everybody know what’s going on, if anything has been canceled, or if it’s just delayed,” Swanson said when discussing weather concerns for Friday.

Swanson said the balloon competitions will happen on Saturday and Sunday morning. It will start at about 7 a.m. She said the best place to see the balloons is at First Baptist Church off of South Pine. There are three target locations. “Right now we are at 33 balloons.”

Swanson also said that 14 states are represented in this competition. “A lot of these pilots are national and world champions. A lot of them have flown in other countries and actually ran businesses with balloon tours in other countries.”

Most of the other festivities outside of watching balloons by the church will happen at the Boone County Regional Airport. “We’re super excited to have all the company come visit the airport,” McCutcheon said.

“A lot of times everybody just sees the big fence on the property and can’t come in. They get to see the other side of it. So, it’s great to show it off to everybody,” McCutcheon continued.

Many food vendors will be present at the event. Dogs on a leash are welcome to the event as well. “It’s truly a family event,” McCutcheon said.

More information is available on the events page of Explore Harrison’s website.

The entire interview is online on the Around The Table Facebook Page.


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