Branson Mask Law Ends Friday

by: Scott McCaulley

The Branson Board of Aldermen pass an Ordinance that ends the City’s Mask Mandate on Friday.

Getting to the final decision went through several phases including an initial motion made by Alderman Jamie Whiteis to postpone a decision on this until the next meeting due to new information that was received over the last couple of days that the newly elected Aldermen had not seen. The Board split on that motion with newly elected Mayor Larry Milton casting the deciding vote defeating that motion.

Mayor Milton then suggested amending the proposed Ordinance putting it into effect on Friday instead of immediately stating it would give businesses time to prepare for the change and would be consistent with the 48 hours provided when the Mask Mandate was put in place last July. That motion was eventually put on the floor by Alderman Clay Cooper and again the vote split with Milton casting the tie breaking vote for the amendment.

After another round of public comment,, the final vote of the Board was unanimous on both readings to end the mandate effective Friday.

The law does allow individual businesses and organizations to chose to continue to require face coverings if the wish.


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