Branson High School Expands Master Classes

by: Jacob Blount, Ozarks First

Branson High School has featured master classes every spring for their seniors as part of their English curriculum. In a typical year, students would take field trips to local businesses to learn practical skills from professionals and write a short composition for classwork. Well, the masterclasses this spring have been held on campus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Seniors at Branson High School, like Jasmine White, have learned some helpful skills for their future over the last few weeks, including business etiquette and even how to file their taxes.

“Our etiquette class is about going to business luncheons or dinners, so you can see like how you eat with certain forks, what knife to use, what spoon to use and when you touch certain things,” said White. “And our taxes class is really cool because him teaching us the numbers, how everything goes. So it’s just teaching us how to go into the real world.”

Jasmine White and her classmates were surprised to see that their principal, Dr. Jack Harris, was teaching a master’s class on car maintenance.

“It’s really crazy seeing your principal in overalls,” said White.

“So I thought, ‘hey, I know how to change a tire. I know how to change oil,’” said Dr. Harris. “’I can share that experience with some of our kids.’”

The Branson High School principal believes these masterclasses are helping his students prepare for their futures.

“That way whenever students come out of Branson High School, that hey we know we’ve done our part to make sure that those kids are equipped for what they’re going to need in the future and I think this curriculum, this Monday masters curriculum that Mrs. Baker has utilized and implemented within her English-4 composition, is going to be a real game-changer.”

The feature on this story can be seen on the Ozarks First Website.


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