How Much Stimulus Money Has Been Funneled into the Missouri Lakes Region

by: Scott McCaulley

Residents in the Missouri Lakes Region has received around $162 Million with the latest round of Stimulus Relief sent by the Federal Government.

The figures, presented by the Swagger Institute during a recent Webinar presented by the Missouri Broadcasters Association, is based on the number of households and people per household from the U.S Census Bureau in 2019 and estimated based on about 90% of the people in each county that were eligible to receive the $1400 per person stimulus from the latest Relief Package passed by Congress and signed into Law by President Joe Biden.

Using those figures, the estimated amount of Stimulus Money received in the Missouri Lakes Area Counties of Barry, Ozark, Stone, and Taney are as follows:

Households                            Persons Per HH                        Estimated Stimulus Money

Barry                 13,645                                          2.6                                       $44,701,020
Ozark                  3,958                                          2.3                                       $11,470,284
Stone                12,783                                          2.4                                       $38,655,792
Taney                22,272                                          2.4                                       $67,350,528

The metro Springfield Area with many more total households has estimated to have received combined between Christian and Greene Counties over $450 Million in Stimulus Money for individuals.



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