Boone County Man Faces Felony Charges in Marion County

From: KTLO

A Boone County man, 35-year-old Jacob D. Langford of Harrison, has been arrested and charged in Marion County with felony counts of breaking or entering, criminal trespass, theft of property, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. Langford is also facing misdemeanors of criminal trespass and public intoxication.

The charges stem from an incident on March 13 when deputies were dispatched to a residence along MC 5014 in reference to a burglary in process.

Deputies located the suspect, later identified as Langford, sitting in a car in the back of a detached garage.

When asked what he was doing at the residence, Langford allegedly said he was “trying to get to his kid in ‘Botavia’ … saw the white car behind the house and thought it was his girlfriend Savannah’s car.”

He reportedly asked one of the officers numerous times where he was from and said “we were close to Russia and Canada.”

When asked why he had gone into a shed beside the house, Langford reportedly said his girlfriend had written some things down, and he had packed them into a box in the shed. He said he had entered the building to look for those items.

Although he said the female resident of the house was his grandfather’s sister, and he knew the male occupant of the home, they denied knowing him.

The woman said she saw a car come down the road and into her driveway. When she walked outside, she saw Langford looking through the trash.

The male resident of the home said his wallet was missing from his car. When he confronted Langford about the missing wallet, the Harrison man reportedly took it out of his pocket and returned it to the victim.

A red lunchbox sitting on the hood of Langford’s car was searched and revealed a plastic bag containing a white powdery substance that later tested positive for methamphetamine and a broken glass pipe.

Credit cards and a library card belonging to a Harrison woman were found in Langford’s wallet. A check with the Harrison Police Department and the Boone County Sheriff’s Office revealed no record of the woman having filed a theft report for the items.

Bond for Langford was set at $25,000.

Online court documents indicate Langford has an open case in Boone County.

In early August last year, a Harrison Police Department officer responded to an anonymous caller in reference to Langford slumped over the steering wheel of a running vehicle with all four doors locked. The vehicle was at the entrance to an apartment development along Club Circle.

When the officer arrived on the scene, he observed Langford slumped over the middle console, with the vehicle running and in reverse gear.

After knocking on the window of Langford’s vehicle, he woke up only to stare at the officer and become unconscious again.

Due to the possibility of an overdose, officers broke out the passenger side window to gain entry and removed Langford from the car, after putting it in park and turning it off.

He reportedly denied wanting emergency medical treatment.

Langford was charged with two felony drug-related offenses and three misdemeanors.

His bond was set at $5,500.


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