Branson Officials Begin Clock Toward Ending COVID-19 Law Guidelines

by: Scott McCaulley

The Branson Board of Alderman Tuesday night pass into Law an Ordinance that will end the Mask Mandate in the City on May 24.

The proposed Bill was amended during discussion to extend the date ending the mandate from the 9th to the 24th in order to get more of the vaccines administered to the public plus give businesses the time to prepare for the new law.

The City issued a press release after passage of the Bill saying the process to end the mandate was presented by Mayor Edd Akers based on several factors including the numbers of people getting vaccinated, revised CDC Guidelines for people that have vaccinated, and Missouri’s announcement that Phase 3 of the Vaccination Plan will begin in April.

The Final Reading of the Bill was opposed by two members of the board for different reasons. Ward II Alderman Larry Milton opposed it stating the mask mandate should end immediately while Ward III Alderman Julia King stated her opposition saying the board should hold off ending the mandate until more data is in on vaccination numbers.

It was also stated during the discussion that the board can re-visit the issue with a new Ordinance between now and the current set date of the enactment of the law.


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