Flippo Talks About State Legislation on “Around the Table”

by: JonChristopher Collins

“Around The Table” on KHOZ spoke with Arkansas Senator Scott Flippo on Tuesday about current events.

Flippo spoke to recent news regarding abortion in the state. “I think it’s a great bill,” he said. He added that there is no guarantee it will withstand challenges in court. He said it has potential to go to the Supreme Court.

“I’m hopeful that they [Supreme Court] do take it [Senate bill six] up.” Flippo also said a bill recently passed the state legislature that would limit the governor’s power. “Should the legislature be in agreement that there’s an emergency.” He said the legislature’s frustration is that the governor wielded wide power while lawmakers were on the sidelines. Flippo said this is a measure that would limit powers but not end an emergency when one is in place.

Flippo said he agreed with Governor Asa Hutchinson when he said the state cannot operate under emergency powers forever.

Flippo’s full interview is available on Around The Table’s Facebook Page.


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