Three Years in Prison for Bull Shoals Man After Probation Revoked

by: Philip Launius, KTLO

A Bull Shoals man has been sentenced to three years in prison after having his probation revoked in a 2019 drug-related case.

Fifty-one-year-old Gordon Brian Cox appeared during a session of Baxter County Circuit Court Monday for a hearing on the petition to revoke his suspended sentence.

He was put on probation for six years in late October 2019 after being convicted of possession of drugs and paraphernalia used to ingest drugs.

The arrest came after a Baxter County sheriff’s deputy responded to a report of an abandoned SUV that had apparently been in an accident.

The vehicle checked back to Cox, who was on parole at the time.

In performing an inventory of the vehicle, the deputy located a syringe loaded with a clear liquid testing positive for methamphetamine.

According to the probable cause affidavit, a package containing numerous syringes that appeared unused was also found.

A Mason jar nearly full of a clear liquid appearing to be “moonshine or a similar substance” was also located in the vehicle.

Cox was eventually located hiding in nearby woods. He was alleged to have admitted he had been driving the SUV when the accident occurred.

A petition to revoke his probation in the Baxter County case was filed when criminal charges were brought against Cox in Marion County.

He was accused of allegedly selling his motorcycle on which he also made an insurance claim and filing a police report claiming the bike had been stolen.

In the Marion County case, Cox is charged with fraudulent insurance acts and filing a fake report with a law enforcement agency, both felonies.

A jury trial in Marion County Circuit Court was set for next month before the State Supreme Court ordered that jury trials not resume until May 1.

Cox’s Marion County charges also resulted in a petition to revoke his probation in a drug-related case in Greene County.

In Greene County, Cox was given 54 months probation after pleading guilty to possession of methamphetamine and paraphernalia used to ingest the drug stemming from a traffic stop in mid-January 2019.

According to court records, Cox is or has been represented in his current criminal cases by Mark Rees of Jonesboro in the Greene County revocation case, Ben Burnett for the Baxter County revocation and Cody Dennis for the case in Marion County.

Cox’s revocation hearing in Greene County is set for March 31.

He was also found guilty of drug charges in Van Buren County in November 2017 and sentenced to prison.

Syringes were found in the vehicle in which Cox was riding. He claimed he had them because a medical condition required him to take injections.


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