Cat Café Creates Way for Owners to Honor Pets

by: Jacob Blount, Ozarks First

A Cat Café in Branson has created a way for owners who have suffered through loss to pay their respects while raising money for the local humane society.

During renovations last month the owner of Mochas and Meows decided to create a passion project called the Rainbow Bridge Wall.

“So last year, I lost a cat. A fourteen-year-old, she got pneumonia and couldn’t come back from it, ” said Mary Trexler, owner of Mochas and Meows. “And it was one of the hardest things that I’ve had to deal with.”

That’s when Trexler thought of a way to honor her fallen friend.

“I’ve had several murals painted in here, so why not paint one myself?” said Trexler. “So we did the rainbow bridge with an angel cat.”

Trexler said after the mural was finished, her friend Valerie came by to pay her respects to her late cat, Charlie.

“And she brought his collar in, and it’s got his little tag on it, her phone number, his name,” said Trexler.

“He passed away suddenly when he was two years old, and so it was kind of tough,” said Valerie Olds. ” We didn’t really know what happened, but he was a great cat and just a great… great companion to be around.”

“I said, you know, wouldn’t that be cool. Why don’t we get collars for all of the cats we’ve lost? We can display them, and then the whole community can kind of come together, remember our lost pets,” said Trexler.

“People can ask and learn about all the great fun we had and his personality and everything like that,” said Olds. “So it’s a way for people who are grieving to maybe share their stories and be able to heal a little bit.”

One of the best things about the Rainbow Bridge is that every pet’s life celebrated with a collar will go to help the Shepherd of the Hills Humane Society.

“Half of what we make from those, so two dollars and fifty cents for everyone, we are giving back to the humane society,” said Trexler.

The wall wants to honor more than just cats.

“We want to memorialize all your fur babies,” said Trexler. “Cats, dogs, guinea pigs, llamas, whatever you’ve lost, let us help you remember them.”


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