Harrison Mayor Talks Community Center, Highway Projects

by: JonChristopher Collins

Harrison Mayor Jerry Jackson spoke with “Around The Table” on KHOZ Wednesday to give updates.

Mayor Jackson spoke about the Creekside Community Center. Jackson said they [those involved] think they have addressed every concern about the community center. He said they are having an “invite the community” night on March 18 to talk about the center and the upcoming vote on Sale Tax Issues.

“We are going to try our best to give as many low-income families [as possible] access to everything,” he added.

Jackson also discussed COVID-19. “We won the community of the year award,” Jackson said. The award came from Arkansas’s Governor Asa Hutchison for Harrison City’s performance on the COVID-19 campaign.

Jackson said the first big construction job will take place between Highway 43 and 65, and he said the project is close to being finished. “We just got awarded $42 million.” That money will be utilized for infrastructure projects.

The full interview with Mayor Jackson can be found below with the full show available on the Around The Table Facebook Page.



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