Boozman Talks Broadband, Other Topics on “Around the Table”

by: JonChristopher Collins

United States Senator from Arkansas John Boozman talked with “Around The Table” on KHOZ Thursday about a variety of topics including broadband, schooling and more.

“We’ve had so many sad things happen as a result of COVID, and yet I think a silver lining is we have realized the importance of what broadband can do,” Senator Boozman said. He said maps are being worked on to help solve the issue.

“This is something that really is a priority. It’s not a Republican or a Democrat priority; this is a priority for the entire country,” Boozman said. He added that communities will not grow or be competitive without broadband.

Boozman discussed the topic of school closures. “Particularly for single moms, single parents it’s a very, very difficult situation,” he said. Boozman said he thinks the primary hold up is getting the vaccine into the state.

Boozman’s entire Around The Table interview is available on the show’s Facebook Page.


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