Update on Water Issues in Northern Arkansas


by: Scott McCaulley

Several Water Districts in Northern Arkansas are having issues resulting in Boil Orders and System Shutdowns plus requests for Conservation:

In Omaha, the Water System remains off due to a Water Main Break that as of late Monday night had still not been located. Omaha Officials tell Hometown Daily News that residents who still have water need to boil it before using. Several residents received Drinking Water from the Omaha Fire Department late Monday afternoon.

Two other Water Systems in the Region are currently under Boil Orders.

Monday afternoon, the Mockingbird Hill Water Association along with Compton Waterworks in Newton County were listed under Boil Orders by the Arkansas Department of Health. The impacted area for those customers of Mockingbird Hill Water is along Arkansas Highway 7 from the fairgrounds to the end of the water line. The order is a result of maintenance-related work. For Compton Waterworks,  the order impacts the entire system and resulted from a low tank level and low water pressure.

Meanwhile, water customers in Yellville have been asked to conserve water and check for leaks. According to a City Press Release posted by KTLO, high water usage during last week’s cold weather has caused low pressure in the system. Yellville Water Customers experiencing low pressure, no water or suspecting a major leak need to call the Water Department at (870)449-5210.



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