Pratt Updates Harrison School Status on “Around the Table”

by: JonChristopher Collins

Harrison Schools Superintendent Dr. Stewart Pratt spoke with “Around The Table” on KHOZ Wednesday to discuss the current state of Harrison education.

Dr. Pratt talks about a couple of water line issues they are having at a couple of buildings due to busted pipes.

Dr. Pratt said there is a rumor coming out of Little Rock that the Governor could lift some spacing restrictions for athletics.

Dr. Pratt also talked about potential for people getting more involved.

“If good people want to think about being a board member, this might be their chance,” Pratt said. There are openings for school board members at the moment. He said filings for elections begin Feb. 22.

Pratt said he thinks online school days have done well. “I think we’re doing pretty well; I think we’re learning a lot.” Pratt said that over 100 hotspots were acquired to aid online learning. Pratt said the conversation around emotional wellbeing during this pandemic is a big deal.

The whole interview with Pratt can be found on the Around The Table Facebook Page.


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