Student With Special Needs Gets Surprise Visit to Branson Water Tower

by: Jacob Blount, Ozarks First

One student in a collegiate program for students with special needs was surprised with a special twenty-first birthday gift to Branson’s Water Tower.

When Paul Ferguson, a member of Barnabus Prep, arrived at the water tower, Branson’s Risk Manager Bob Smither played him a song.

“I was just kind of giddy all day getting ready for all this, and I play a little bit of trumpet and I was like okay, I want to play “Happy Birthday” when he gets here,” said Smither. “We were just excited if not more than he was.”

Ferguson was more than excited to explore the water tower and see some amazing views.

“I got to see the view from the third floor and got to see all the other water towers in Branson and other towns and Hollister,” said Ferguson. “I got to see the television they watch sometimes in meetings.”

Smither said the water tower is unique compared to other water towers.

“It was only the second one in the country that had offices in it,” said Smither. “So there’s a lot of people that don’t know, they drive by here, that there’s actually office space in the base.”

Ferguson got to make his way up near the top of the tower and have some cake and presents when he came back down.

“Some goodies and that was so kind for them to give it to me,” said Ferguson. “I got to have a chocolate piece and not a vanilla piece and that was amazing!”

The event ended with Ferguson getting some pictures taken outside of the water tower to have a little keepsake of his birthday.

A video of Bob Ferguson’s visit to the Branson Water Tower is on the Ozarks First Website.


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