Branson Fire Rescue Urges Building Owners to Check Sprinkler Systems Ahead of Cold Temperatures

Press Release

Branson Fire Rescue is urging all Branson area businesses to prepare now for the expected drop in temperatures by double checking all fire sprinkler systems in buildings.

If a fire sprinkler system is exposed to sub-freezing temperatures for two or three days in a row, sprinkler pipes and domestic water lines can expand and fracture. This can cause the vital sprinkler systems to malfunction or can even cause devastating water damage if the pipes burst.

Not only do you have to keep an eye on the sprinkler systems when the temperatures get low, but when it warms back up as well. Sprinkler systems are known to fracture as the temperatures rise as well when the pipe warms back up and expands.

Property owners are encouraged to inspect all attic areas to ensure there are no exposed pipes. They are also encouraged to keep all buildings heated to a minimum of between 45 to 50 degrees. This is especially important for Branson businesses and attractions that are closed or reducing hours during the winter months.

For more fire safety tips go to the Branson Fire Rescue web page on the City’s website at or for more information about fire sprinkler systems contact the Branson Fire Rescue at 417-243-2790.



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