Over 500,000 Awarded to Arkansas Schools for Wildlife Education

From: KTLO/Arkansas Economic Development Commission

The Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC) Division of Rural Services has awarded grants totaling $536,401 to promote wildlife education and improve school conservation programs to 150 schools, school districts and conservation districts in 65 Arkansas counties. The grant program is funded by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) through fines collected from hunting and fishing violations. Only money collected in the county where the violation occurred may be used as grant funds for that county.

All schools in the state are eligible to participate in the program. The funding schools have received in previous years has helped create and maintain archery, fishing and competitive shooting sports programs. Schools also use the money to help improve wildlife education by purchasing educational materials, materials for the creation of indoor and outdoor habitats, lab supplies and field trips to AGFC nature and education centers. Conservation districts use the funding to help promote wildlife conservation awareness in the communities by hosting environmental education days and fishing derbies for children of all ages.

Area Schools Awarded Grants:
Omaha Elementary School
Omaha Elementary School received $1,016.38 in funding to purchase materials to build an outdoor classroom/garden.

Alpena Public Schools
Alpena Public Schools received $1,087.87 in funding to purchase professionally tanned furs of furbearers native to Arkansas.

Berryville School District
The Berryville School District received $2,215.14 in funding to purchase AYSSP supplies.

Academy of Excellence (Eureka Springs)
The Academy of Excellence received $5,000.00 in funding to purchase benches and an outdoor dry erase board for their outdoor classroom.

Eureka Springs High School
Eureka Springs High School received $2,215.14 in funding to purchase AYSSP supplies.

Clear Spring School (Eureka Springs)
The Clear Spring School received $1,779.11 in funding to purchase materials for their pollinator garden, bee
enclosure and soil testing and solar power for irrigation and rainwater collection.

Huntsville Middle School
Huntsville Middle School received $5,500.00 in funding to purchase ANASP supplies.

Jasper Elementary School
Jasper Elementary received $1,034.65 in funding to purchase materials for an outdoor classroom: Retaining wall blocks, twine, wooden stakes, landscape spray paint, shovel, rake, hose, mulch, soil, stepping stones and plants.



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