Womack Discusses Transition of Power in Washington

by: Scott McCaulley

Arkansas State Representative Steve Womack talks about the transition of power from Donald Trump to Joe Biden and some of the other things that transpired in Washington during the week during Friday’s “Around the Table” program on KHOZ.

Womack said the biggest take out of the week was the fact that another peaceful transition of power took place. Womack did state that with complete Democratic Control of the Executive and Legislative Branch, the first actions taken by President Biden undid many of President Trump’s orders and started the re-establishment of some initiatives made during the administration of President Barrack Obama.

Womack also stated that while he favors the concept of help in the form of Stimulus Money and the PPP Plans to those that really need it, he is fearful that broad approach being proposed now is borrowing money against the resources of future generations.

The complete interview with Womack can be seen on the Around the Table Facebook Page.


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