C of O’s Davis Responds to the Disbanding of 1776 Commission

by: Scott McCaulley

Almost a month to the day that College of the Ozarks President Dr. Jerry Davis was appointed to a commission to promote Patriotic Education by then President Donald Trump, that commission is disbanded by his successor.

One of the first decisions made by new President Joe Biden was to disband the 1776 Commission and to rescind the report it released on Monday, which has been criticize by some historians for among other things, its statements on the role of slavery in our history and the role the Founding Fathers had in that institution.

Dr. Davis, interviewed on the “Fox and Friends” program Friday, disputes that claim and said the report does deal with that and other challenges the country has faced.

“It comes down to what is your view of America,” said Davis. “We view America as something that is good and correct things as we go along. There are people out there, self-appointed guardians of our heritage that want to tell us that America is no good and can’t be redeemed. These people just don’t like America. So I think our commission, we told the truth. If they don’t like the truth, that’s their problem.”

The complete interview from “Fox and Friends” is available on YouTube plus can be heard below. To read the complete 1776 Commission Report, click here.

Fox and Friends Interview:



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