Golden Ticket Cinemas Announces Theater for Harrison

From: KTLO

Golden Ticket Cinemas (GTC), an independent theater company based in Durham, North Carolina, operating in mid-size market locations, has selected Harrison for its newest location.

GTC President John Bloemeke and Operations Director Joe Horton met with Harrison Regional Chamber of Commerce officials and community leaders in early December. The theater officials received the keys to a previous theater location in North Hills Shopping Center.

Bloemeke says, “We’re excited to come to Harrison, the perfect market for our company.”

He adds, “Upgrading of the theater is long overdue, but our first goal is getting the theater reopened so we can get movies back on screen for the moviegoers in Harrison and the area. The goal is to bring many large market amenities to smaller towns like Harrison. We can’t wait to see the reaction to the changes that we have in store. We will be adding numerous promotions and values that are new to the market.”

When the remodel is complete at 617 at U.S. Highway 62/65, “We will offer state-of-the-art surround sound and digital screens, as well as a fresh, upscale look,” Horton says. He adds, “Movie-goers will also be able to enjoy several other theater amenities, including a significantly expanded food and beverage menu, and even the possibility after reopening of electric reclining chairs in each screening room, as other locations have.”

The new theater was mentioned in a recent visit by Bob Largent and Wilson Marseilles of the Harrison Chamber on KHOZ’s “Around the Table” Program, that interview can be heard below:


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