Shots Fired, 2 Men Arrested in Marion County

Quinten Farmer (Photo courtesy KTLO)

From: KTLO

Two men have been arrested in Marion County, after a woman returned home to find one of them in her home wearing what appeared to be her husband’s clothes. When the stranger left, the woman reported him falling in the yard and hearing a loud gunshot. The second man was arrested after law enforcement responded to the woman’s house, took her statement and then heard another loud gunshot.

According to the probable cause affidavit, the woman said she exited her truck upon arriving home Dec. 15 and noticed two piles of dog food poured at her doorstep.

At that time, a man, later identified as 37-year-old Quinten Farmer of Peel, opened the door of the residence and told the woman to come inside.

The woman said she refused to comply, Farmer identified himself and again told her to enter the home.

Instead, the woman called her nephew who lives nearby and told Farmer to stay away from her. As she waited for her nephew, the woman noticed Farmer was wearing hunting boots, blue jeans, a camouflage hunting jacket and a hat she suspected belonged to her husband.

When the nephew and niece arrived, he called 911 and told Farmer to stay there, advising him law enforcement was en route.

Instead, Farmer began walking toward a white car parked in the road with what appeared to be a female driver. A pickup truck was parked off the far side of the road and appeared to be occupied by a male with bushy hair.

As Farmer crossed the ditch, he fell and then the woman reported hearing a loud gunshot.

The woman and her relatives retreated into the residence and locked the doors.

The car sped off, and it appeared everyone was gone.

Six responding officers searched the area for evidence of a gunshot victim but were unable to locate shell casings or blood.

A walk through of the home revealed an empty beer can and bottle of Crown Royal, three t-shirts on the floor, a trash can with its lid off with another empty beer can inside. They also observed another unopened can of beer, a pack of cigarettes and a cup of half eaten soup sitting in the sink that had been in the refrigerator.

As the woman started to complete a written statement, they heard a loud gunshot outside that appeared to be close.

Officers, accompanied by K9 Rico, began a search in nearby woods announcing their presence.

A short time later, one of the deputies reported hearing someone singing, but it had stopped. He was then heard giving someone multiple commands to see their hands and to not reach for the black pistol.

An older man, identified as Jimmy Jones, ignored multiple commands. However, one deputy managed to grab the pistol and toss it out into the road.

A spent 10mm ammunition casing was found near Jones and during a search of his person, two magazines were located, one with three live rounds. A pill bottle containing suspected marijuana was also found.

During this time, “Jones continued to scream belligerently that he was not ‘007.’” He was taken into custody, and the woman victim identified him as the man sitting in the truck across from her residence earlier.

One deputy remained at the residence for the woman’s statement, while the others left. As the deputy exited the residence walking toward his patrol unit, he heard a male’s voice to his right mumbling and saw the silhouette of a person about 30 yards from him. He recognized the man as Farmer from prior dealings.

A chase ensued, but Farmer was able to evade the deputy and others who joined the pursuit.

Farmer was taken into custody the next day at a residence along Marion County 8124, where the suspect’s father told law enforcement his son was possessed with demons, but he had been able to remove six. Farmer was taken into custody and charged with a drug possession offense.

In the earlier incident he is charged with felony burglary and misdemeanors of theft of property and fleeing. Bond on the three charges was set at $20,000.


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