7-Year-Old Rogersville Boy Featured on Times Square Big Screen

Photo from Ozarks First.

by: Jesse Inman, Ozarks First

A 7-year-old boy from Rogersville had his moment in The Big Apple this weekend, from afar.

Paxton Uchtman won a contest by making a short creative play using his animal figurines.

The contest was through Schliech, the world’s leading manufacturer of animal figurines.

That play was shown on the big screen in Times Square, but Paxton draws his inspiration from here at home.

The Rogersville boy lives life just the way he likes it, on a farm.

“I really like cows and other farm animals,” Paxton said.

And he’s got a toy for just about every farm animal you could think of.

But it’s not all just fun and games for Paxton. His mom told him about a way to put his creativity to use: A contest that encouraged Paxton to use his imagination to bring those animals to life. He says it took some work.

The final product is a story about his animals helping each other find a way home.

Paxton was one of three winners, with the others being in California and Maryland.

The original plan was to host the kids to see it for themselves at Times Square, but something tells us Paxton is just as satisfied staying on the farm, which is where he wants to work when he grows up.

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