Turkey Frying Major Hazard Potential on Thanksgiving

Photo courtesy YouTube.

by: Scott McCaulley

Turkey is the staple for Thanksgiving Tables around the country with many people enjoying the taste of the bird being fried during the family get together.

Harrison Fire Chief Marc Lowery on a recent edition of the “Around the Table” program on KHOZ reminds people who want to fry the Thanksgiving Turkey to do so away from burnable objects.

The National Fire Protection Agency lists several significant risks for deep frying turkeys including the oil splashing over the pot as well as the whole pot tipping over which could cause up to third-degree burns on people or pets as well as a potential fire. The NFPA and all area fire agencies remind people that more home cooking fires develop on Thanksgiving than any other holiday.

Click here for a link to the National Fire Protection Agency list of Thanksgiving Safety Tips.




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