Harrison Entertainment District Proposal Not Passed on to Council

by: Scott McCaulley

A proposal to establish an Entertainment District in Downtown Harrison will not be going before the City Council.

After a lengthy discussion at the City Council Committee Meetings Thursday night, the committee in charge of deciding on sending the proposal to the full council elected not to do so.

Alcoholic Beverage by the drink sales would have been allowed in that area with the option to take that beverage around the district to other participating businesses. Matt Bell of the Harrison Convention and Visitors Bureau had spoken to several businesses that were in favor of the proposal but several other citizens spoke in opposition at the meeting citing the potential for increased alcohol related crimes and cited Springdale as an example of an area where crime went up after a similar proposal was approved there.

In the end, the proposal was put to a vote by the Community Environment, Services, and Welfare Committee and on a 3-2 vote, was not moved on to the full City Council. The six person committee, with member Wayne Cone absent, split on the vote with members Mary Jean Creager and Linda DeWald voting in favor while Chris Head and Heath Kirkpatrick voted against it. Committee Chair Joel Williams broke the tie and voted against sending the proposal to City Council.


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