Diamond City Limits Recalled Mayor

From Harrison Daily Times

DIAMOND CITY — The Diamond City City Council met Wednesday morning and afternoon to take care of matters following the recall of Mayor Linda Miracle.

About 76% of voters in Diamond City voted in favor of recalling Miracle. Arkansas law states that if voters approve a recall, the office is considered vacant when election results are certified, which will be Friday, Nov. 13.

City government at Diamond City has been contentious since Miracle took office in January 2019. The city council had voted to limit her powers and access to city bank accounts, but she vetoed that action. Miracle even sued most members of the city council in 2019 alleging a meeting held that year was illegal.

Council member Cristy Olcott told the Daily Times that the council met in special session Wednesday morning and voted to dissolve two resolutions from 2019 that gave Miracle access to city bank accounts and the power to contract with utility companies and service providers on the city’s behalf.

In order for that to become officials, the minutes of the morning’s meeting must be approved and submitted to the bank. The council planned to approve those minutes in the afternoon meeting.

The agenda for the afternoon meeting showed the council would face a resolution adding Olcott and Tina Jackson, city recorder, as personnel to contract with service providers and contractors. Another resolution would remove former Alderman Don Bennett, who Olcott said suffered health problems and lives in another state, as an authorized check signer and add Jackson in his place.

Olcott explained that Jackson is the next in line to act as mayor, which she did at Wednesday’s council meetings, at least until the council has its next regular meeting.

A special election could be called to replace Miracle or the council could elect someone to the position to finish out the term, which ends Dec. 31, 2022, Olcott said.

She said the latter will take place after the Boone County Election Commission certifies election results because the city can’t afford to pay for a special election.

Miracle had apparently been to city hall early Thursday morning to remove personal property from her office, Olcott said, but she wasn’t at the morning meeting. She said Miracle is still technically mayor and her office door is locked, so there was no way to tell what was left in the office. Olcott said she wouldn’t enter the office until a vacancy is declared.


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