Dispensary in Cassville First in SW Missouri to Provide Medical Marijuana

by: Jesse Inman, Ozarks First

In a town of a little more than 3,000 people, Cassville’s newest business is bustling. The Cassville Dispensary opened on Thursday and GM Charlea Estes-Jones says they had a line wrapped around the building on Friday morning.

“This week is a culmination of two years of blood, sweat, and tears,” said Jones. “This entire process has been a lot of ‘hurry up and wait, hurry up and wait.’ But once it kind of came to that head and we were there, it was just all pedal to the medal ready to go.”

Cassville Dispensary is just the 4th in Missouri to provide Medical Marijuana to open, meaning people are flocking from around the state.

“Patients are happy,” said Jones. “Our wait times really haven’t been too bad. The average has been less than an hour for patients to come and get in and out.”

Annie Fillpot is one of them. She and other patients are more than willing to wait in line.

“Totally worth it. I’m excited,” said Fillpot. “It’s fun to see different ages in the line. Crazy to see the amount of people that are here. Not too far from my home, so I’m able to drive just about 45 minutes away. What better way to spend my Friday.”

“In the last five years, I had a head-on car wreck that caused some problems, I had brain surgery last year, so the doctor said I was eligible to get this and I’d rather do this than do the medication form the pharmaceutical companies,” said Vicky Shockley, a medical marijuana cardholder.

In the first few weeks, The dispensary is limiting patients to just one ounce per visit, but the focus, for now, is to make the experience as pleasant as possible.


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