Harrison Superintendent Asks for Master Plan

Dr. Stewart Pratt, Superintendent of Harrison Schools, will join Coleman Taylor & Lisa Johnson on KHOZ’s “Around The Table” program on Thursday to discuss the ongoing battle with COVID-19 as well as his statements in the October School Board Meeting that called for a “master plan” for updating school campuses.

Per Harrison Daily Times:

Harrison School Superintendent Dr. Stewart Pratt asked the Board of Education last week to consider long-range planning for district facilities.

Pratt said the district has been a good steward of public money, but he did propose the idea of a master plan.

Buildings at Skyline Heights and Forest Heights are aging and neither has any kind of FEMA-type safe room for shelter in violent weather.

“Do we ask those buildings be a hundred years old before we replace them?” Pratt asked.

He suggested the board lay the groundwork for a plan that would lead the district into the future.

Eagle Heights and Harrison Preschool are also about the same age. The preschool also has ongoing sewer issues that will require replacement of lines under the building, Pratt said.

He also said the district should look at enrollment projections to finish a master plan.

“We’re not asking for any kind of millage right now,” Pratt said. “What we’re doing is we’re building a futuristic plan that we can hand off as we transition boards and superintendents in the future.”

Board member Mark Martin said he had previously talked with administrators about needs at each building. He agreed that the buildings can’t last forever. The football field required resurfacing and it will happen in the future. That’s an expected expense.

Martin also said safe rooms could also be a benefit for the community in after-school hours.

Board president Mitch Magness said that although the current board might not make any permanent decisions, a study could help future boards make those decisions.

Pratt said that, at some point, a building might reach the point of no return regarding rehabilitation. That might require buying another piece of property and the board wouldn’t want to be in the reactionary position to buy land at the last minute.

The board moved unanimously to work on Pratt’s recommendation to form a master plan.”



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