Newton County Sheriff Warns of Scam

by: Scott McCaulley

Newton County Sheriff Glen Wheeler posts on the Department’s Facebook Page Wednesday about a scam going around the county.

Wheeler said that his office has been notified by several people that had say they received calls from someone claiming to be with the Sheriff’s Department stating that they had a warrant for their arrests but the warrant could be taken care of if they would go to Dollar General and buy a certain amount of Gift Cards.

Wheeler says that not only does the department not accept Gift Cards and they don’t call ahead when an Arrest Warrant has been issued.

Wheeler reminds people to be very careful about giving out any personal information over the phone.

The complete release from the Sheriff’s Department is below:

Our office has received multiple calls from citizens letting us know that they had been called by an unknown party that was representing themselves as an employee of the Newton County Sheriff’s Office. The caller told the people they had a warrant and that Sheriff’s Office personnel would be coming to arrest them. The calls were coming from phone numbers with the (870) area code.

The caller instructed the people to go to Dollar General and purchase gift cards then call back to “take care of the warrant” to avoid arrest. They were asking for amounts up to $4,500.00, which was supposed to be 10% of a $45,000.00 bond on the fake warrant.
The Newton County Sheriff’s Office DOES NOT accept gift cards. And, if you have a warrant with a $45,000.00 bond, we probably won’t be calling you to tell you. We’ll have the courtesy to come visit you in person for that.
Please do not fall for this scam and if you receive one of the calls, please do not give the caller any personal information. If you have gotten one of the calls and did complete the process, please let us know. If you got one of the calls and just hung up on them, there is no need to call unless you feel you need to.
I believe that if these no-good scammers would put the effort and creativity into an actual job as they do into trying not to work and instead just scam good, hard working people, they could really make something of themselves.
Please just be aware and practice good security with your personal information.



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