President of Cox Health Branson Involved in Altercation After Branson Alderman Meeting

by: Chris Six and Jacob Blount, Ozarks First

William Mahoney, the President of Cox Medical Center in Branson, was involved in an altercation after the Branson Board of Aldermen voted to extend the masking ordinance.

During the meeting Tuesday night, residents spoke negatively about Mahoney.

“The mayor has stated that he takes his direction from Mr. William Mahoney, President and CEO of Cox. However, according to the Missouri Division of Professional Registration and from his own words, he does not hold any type of medical license. He is not qualified to prescribe a medical device,” said Bo Dejager.

“Who do you trust? Mr. Mahoney, who has no medical license, or the scientist of the CDC? Should we not then question the motives of the president of the business that stands to gain the most by encouraging the passing of this mandate?” said Marcy Kerr.

Mahoney posted on Facebook saying after the meeting, a man confronted him in front of his car, asking Mahoney how he felt about the statements made in the meeting about him.

“Branson policemen told him to back off and let me out. He then lied and said I was harassing him,” Mahoney said in the post.

Branson Police sent Ozarks First this quote about the incident,

“Yes, a Branson Police Officer escorted Mr. Mahoney out of City Hall after the Board meeting. There was a group of citizens who were standing around the front doors. There was a brief verbal exchange between one of the men who was in Mr. Mahoney’s path, but nobody was detained or arrested.”

Ozarks First reached out to Cox for an interview with Mahoney, but the hospital believed the Facebook post tells the whole story.

The text of the Facebook Post is below:

I want to thank Sheriff Matthews and the Branson Police tonight. While walking out to my car, after a city council meeting to promote masking, an individual jumped in front of me and blocked the door and said, how did you like what we did to you tonight, publicly calling you out? Branson policemen told him to back off and let me out. He then lied and said I was harassing him.
He was referring to the premeditated hit job an organized group tried to do on myself, the mayor and our public health director. They publicly lied, but since it was nine or so of them, they must have thought nine lies equal truth.
I do want to answer that individuals question
Leadership is not a popularity contest. You get the most accurate and truthful data you can, pray and ponder and make the best decision you can to help the greater good. It also helps when you feel so much love for those who are giving their all too so many in need. See we take care of you when you have Covid or other illnesses, regardless if you believe in our recommendations. I really don’t mind being called out by people who don’t know me.However, I won’t be silenced for what is right. When I see all the care, sacrifice and energy our healthcare team puts out for each patient, I am proud to take one for the team.
Important point, even though I wasn’t thrilled by the guy trying to intimidate me or the false statements made, I will pray tonight that they might feel compelled to realize their actions were inappropriate and repent.
Being angry and hateful divides us. Love cannot exist in that environment.


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