Medicaid Expansion Debate Continues as Election Day Nears

by: Scott McCaulley

Proponents and Opponents of Medicaid Expansion continue to express their views about the upcoming Constitutional Amendment that Missouri Voters will decide on in next week’s Primary Election.

Amendment 2 would approve the Medicaid Expansion that would be funded 90% by the Federal Government with the other 10% being accounted for through the State Budget. Several states including Arkansas have approved this expansion over the years since it began with passage of the Affordable Care Act under the Administration of President Barrack Obama.

Recently on KRZK’s “At Your Service” Program, guests during separate interviews expressed views from both sides of the issue.

Tom Kruckmeyer of the Missouri Budget Project talked about the many benefits including the potential of Job Growth  in the Health Care Industry while Lakes Area Missouri State Representative Brad Hudson talked about the pressure even funding a small portion of the expansion would have on the State Budget, especially if the Federal Government altered the percentages.

The segments with both Tom Kruckmeyer and Brad Hudson from “At Your Service” can be found  below:


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