Harrison Officials Ask For Apology After Comments Made at Branson Board of Alderman Meeting

by: Scott McCaulley and Coleman Taylor

Comments made at Branson’s Board of Alderman meeting earlier this week comes to the attention of the Harrison City Officials who asks for an apology for the comments.

At the end of Tuesday’s Branson Board of Alderman meeting, City Administrator Stan Dobbins made comments responding to the reaction to a video made during the “Black Lives Matter” Rally in which a woman displays the Confederate Flag and makes inflammatory comments. Dobbins, in addressing the backlash that has been directed at the City of Branson, mentioned that his African American son-in-law has never had any issues in Branson which led Dobbins to say…”So it makes me wonder where all the mouths and voices com from that say ‘oh my God, the Coty of Branson has a problem’ when you can drive 30 miles down the road and be in Harrison, Arkansas. If you want to find the Ku Klux Klan, you go to Harrison, Arkansas.” Dobbins went on to say he is proud to live and be a part of Branson.

Several Harrison City Officials including Mayor Jerry Jackson were made aware of those reports with Mayor Jackson calling Branson Mayor Edd Akers to discuss it. Mayor Akers relayed to Dobbins Mayor Jackson’s offer to apologize for the comments but Dobbins declined.

The comments were discussed at Thursday’s Harrison City Council Meeting and the council decided to formally ask for an apology from the City of Branson for the comments.

After the meeting, BOOTZ Country’s Coleman Taylor asked Harrison Council Members Bill Boswell and Mitch Magness what they would like to see come from the City of Branson.

Click here for a link to the Branson Board of Alderman Meeting YouTube Video from Tuesday’s meeting.



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