Locals Speak Out About at Branson Alderman Meeting

by: Jesse Inman, Ozarks First

Several citizens in Branson attended a Board of Alderman meeting to hear from their mayor and voice their concerns after a controversial viral video of a woman draped in a confederate flag expressing her support for the KKK.

Mayor Edd Akers began the meeting by delivering a proclamation stating his commitment to making Branson a welcoming and inclusive place for all individuals.

The citizens in attendance who spoke at the meeting mostly voiced their displeasure with Dixie Outfitters and the confederate flag itself.

“For our tourists that come to visit this town, which includes 76 being the main attraction, what message are we sending as a community allowing that to happen in the entertainment district?”

“Now, while I understand that closing down Dixie Outfitters would be constitutionally impossible, and an uphill battle, I do believe that it is paramount to remove the hate symbol from flying so openly.”

“Most people, but not all, know that Nathan Robb and his wife own Dixie Outfitters. But some do not know that he is the son of Tom Robb, the head of the KKK near Harrison.”

Alderman Larry Milton also spoke up during the meeting.

“With the rest of my time, I would like to allow any members of the board to voice their stance on the KKK.”


The public comment section lasted nearly an hour.

A link to the complete meeting can be found here.


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