Corps to Release Water from White River Dams if Rainfall Persists

TR Dam LogoFrom Little Rock District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Facebook Page

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Little Rock District intends to make spillway releases from the White River dams.

The National Weather Service is forecasting significant rainfall in the White River basin over the next 72 hours.

If these forecasts remain true, the Corps will start making spillway releases from Beaver and Table Rock Dams on Tuesday, Bull Shoals Dam on Wednesday as well as increasing releases from Norfork Dam on Wednesday. Releases will be based off rainfall runoff amounts. Exact times for each release is yet to be determined. 

“Corps policy requires its staff to operate the lakes based upon runoff from rain that has actually fallen and can be measured,” said Chief of Hydraulics & Technical Services Branch, Mike Biggs. “Operating the dams based upon ‘water on the ground’ allows engineers to make data based decisions.”

The Corps is advising areas downstream of the dam to begin assessing their respective plans and to begin taking the proper precautions. Landowners with belongings near the river’s edge should also begin making plans for high water.



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