Cakes-N-Cream Adding Drive-In Theater


by: Jacob Blount, Ozarks First

Cakes-N-Cream 50’s Diner announced it is building the “American 76 Drive-In” movie theater.

They plan to show old movies or “flicks” on a large screen they are currently building behind the diner. Customers will only need to pull around back, and turn their radio in their vehicle to the correct FM station. Carhops will come to your car to take your order, and bring it out to you while you enjoy the film. The drive-in theater will be no extra charge for customers coming to eat.

John Moore, the CEO of Cakes-N-Creams, says he got the idea after the 50’s style diner was closed and making changes because of health and safety concerns regarding Covid-19. “Here we had to thin some seating out because of the virus, and we took some seating and thinned it out to make people more comfortable. And then I was talking to my wife, and I said we always wanted to do a drive-in. So I said why don’t we do the American 76 Drive-In?”

The restaurant is currently open, but there is no set date for the new drive-in theater yet. They plan on having the construction completed this week.


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