NSTB Meeting Today Discusses Likely Causes of Duck Boat Accident

by: Scott McCaulley

The National Transportation Safety Board is holding a meeting today with one of the topics being releasing the Probable Cause of the Duck Boat Incident on Table Rock Lake in July of 2018 that killed 17 people.

The meeting is available to the public through a webcast at 9:30 at  http://ntsb.windrosemedia.com/. A stream of the webcast will also be available at https://www.ozarksfirst.com/

Several documents were released on Monday in advance of the meeting, including an interview with Duck Boat Captain Kenneth Scott McKee. A list of those documents from Ozarks First is below:

The NTSB released hundreds of documents today, April 27, on their website relating to the tragedy, including meteorologist reports of the storms that played a role in the sinking of the duck boat.

According to a report from April 22, it seems the U.S. Coast Guard agrees that canopies and side curtains should be removed on modern duck boats.

Board members are expected to meet virtually tomorrow to come to a final decision as to a probable cause.

Here are a few of the documents that will be discussed at the meeting:

To see more of the files to be reviewed in the meeting, click here.

KOLR10 and Ozarks FOX will have full coverage tomorrow, April 28. Tune in to hear the details.

Pictures from the different files:



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