Branson Student is Accepted to West Point Military Academy

by: Tony Nguyen and Jacob Blount, Ozarks First

Joseph Jafari is the latest student from Branson to be accepted to West Point Military academy.

The Branson High school student was able to achieve this with the help and guidance from his family, and the family of the first student accepted to West Point. CeCe Givens graduated from the military academy last spring. Her father, Dr. Jerry Givens and his wife, Theresa, are both ex-military. Including CeCe, they have two daughters who currently serve in the military. They took Joseph under their wing to help mold and prepare him for his future.

Joesph was nominated to attend West Point by Congressman Billy Long. He is currently working out and preparing for R-Day, the start of Cadet Basic Training often referred to as “Beast”.

We spoke to Joseph earlier today about the influence the Givens family has had on him while preparing for a future in the military.

“And I was like man the Army, I never really thought about that,” Joseph said. “And then I heard about West Point. And I heard about CeCe, and how she went. And I was like wow this is amazing. Applying for it I was like oh I have no chance like 10,000 kids apply. I was like, man it’s going to be tough.

“And they were always there and they were like don’t give up. You know, just keep trying. Put your best effort out there. And they showed me what family truly meant in the Army. And they’ve always been there for me, and I’m sure they’ll continue to be there for me.”

Joseph leaves for West Point in about two months. The Givens family will be visiting him to continue their support.


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