Branson Loop Offers Free Rides to Area Non-Profits

by: Jacob Blount and Chris Six, Ozarks First

The transportation service, Branson Loop is giving free rides to non-profit organizations in the Branson area for residents of Branson and Hollister.

Levine Cunningham, Owner of the Branson Loop, says this is for those who are not able to get around to the organizations.

“This is really just for anybody who does not have the resources. Anybody who is in need Anybody who doesn’t have transportation who just needs things for their family. We’re basically here to help put food on the table. We’re helping people get to and from. Get their transportation needs, get their food needs, get their medication needs, all their needs,” says Levine.

The Branson Loop is partnering with Elevate Branson to give out the free rides to these locations:

  • Elevate Branson
  • Christian Action Ministries
  • Faith Community Health

These non-profits are providing meals, prescriptions, and other programs for those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The rides are offered on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10 a.m. to noon. You can call and order a ride during the Branson Loop open hours.

Bryan Stallings, Executive Director of Elevate Branson, says this partnership is going to help those in our community get what they need.

“We don’t have a public transportation system here, and so we just have a lot of people who are in need right now that have been laid off of their jobs, that need to get food. And if you don’t have transportation, you can’t do that, so being able to have the Branson Loop come alongside them and provide transportation to not only Elevate Branson but to CAM, Faith Community Health for prescriptions and to see a doctor is just a huge value to our community,” says Stallings.

If you need a free ride, you can call the Branson Loop at 417-320-6035.


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