Suspect Reportedly Tries to ‘Dump’ Crystal Substance into His Mouth

From: KTLO

Newton County authorities say 22-year-old Colton James Cummings of Harrison tore the top off a plastic bag and tried to “dump” a crystal substance into his mouth during a traffic stop in early March.

According to the probable cause affidavit filed Monday, an officer made the traffic stop at Arkansas Highway 7 and Round Top Mountain Trail when the driver failed to dim his lights and his vehicle was observed without a license plate. Just prior to the stop, the vehicle swerved onto the shoulder and almost wrecked in the ditch.

Cummings told a Newton County deputy he was headed to his parents’ home, although he was traveling south of Jasper, and the officer knew their home was in the opposite direction.

Cummings initially reportedly declined to exit his vehicle for a “free air sniff” by the officer’s certified narcotics canine, but complied on the second request.

He then paused beside the vehicle and said he had something illegal inside he had found.

Despite being told the officer would retrieve the item, Cummings reportedly opened the passenger side door and picked up a cellphone. He told the officer he had around a gram of “dope” with him for a friend, pulled a bag from the phone case and attempted to ingest the contents.

Two officers intervened, attempting to stop Cummings from ingesting what they believed to be methamphetamine. Cummings pulled away, causing the three men to fall off the roadway about two feet down into a ditch.

Cummings was taken into custody without further incident, and an ambulance was requested in order for medical personnel to determine if the Boone County man had possibly consumed drugs.

In an interview at the Newton County Sheriff’s Office, Cummings allegedly told officers he does not use meth, but was delivering the substance to a man in Deer. He said he delivers the illegal drug several times per month because he needs funds after losing his job.

Cummings has been charged with felony counts of possession of drug paraphernalia and meth with intention to deliver, as well as tampering with physical evidence.

His bond was set at $10,000.


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