School Districts In Region Prepare for the End of School Online

by: Scott McCaulley

With Missouri Governor Mike Parson’s order on Thursday that K-12 Schools in the state stay closed through the rest of the school year following just days after Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson issued similar orders for his state, School Districts are preparing to end the school year while wrapping up the final weeks of the Spring Semester with off-site and online learning.

Harrison Superintendent Dr. Stewart Pratt and Reeds Spring Superintendent Dr. Codi Hirschi are among those that have been interviewed on the Ozark Mountain Media Group Family of stations discussing those situations. Those interviews can be found on the COVID-19 Podcast Page on Hometown Daily News Dot Com.

The Hollister School District also has released information about the end of the school year. Their statement to Ozarks First is at the end of this story.

More information online and on-air will be released as it becomes available or information can be found through the various School Districts in the region.

Hollister School District
Many students and parents are asking questions as they navigate the changes COVID-19 has brought to the school year. The main one being “what about my grades?”

Hollister School District says that grades will not be taken while the kids are learning from home, but they will be completion grades only.

This means the student’s grade for the fourth quarter will either be complete or incomplete.

Teachers and the administration are sharing digital learning tools with students and their parents to make sure they are getting the support they need.

Hollister schools have distributed Chromebooks and other devices to about 85 percent of their students so that they can complete their schoolwork online from home.

Sandy Leech, Assistant superintendent of teaching and learning for the Hollister School District, says there’s a lot of good reasons why they’re only grading based on completion.

Leech says, “It’s not fair to penalize students if they’re not able to do the same type of learning as they would while they’re here in school. That presents an equity and access issue, so we’re not going to penalize students. We’re going to track who completes the work, and there’s a couple of reasons for that. We need to track who completes that work because we want to make sure for students who are not able to or can’t, that we follow up with them in some way. Either through summer school or remediation at the beginning of next year. We need to know who does and doesn’t do it.”

Hollister schools are also offering learning packets for families who may not have wifi to continue learning online. Parents can pick them up from the school, or they can contact the administration to get them sent directly to their home.



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