Hollister Names New Volleyball Coach

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Hasin Leonard has been named as the new Head Volleyball Coach of Hollister High School for the 2020-2021 school year.  She will succeed, Alexis Mitchell.  Leonard has taught math at Hollister High School for 2 years and served as the assistant volleyball coach this past year.

Leonard shares that she is looking forward to building deeper relationships with the girls and nurturing their self-confidence.  “As an athlete, I would never have had the success that I had without a coach that saw my potential and nurtured my confidence. When I decided to get into coaching I knew I wanted to be the coach who saw that light in athletes and pushed them towards it until they saw it too,” says Leonard, “If I can help at least one young lady find that inner confidence and how to push towards her goals playing volleyball and she in turn uses it to push towards her goals in life, then I have had success as a coach.”

As Coach Leonard looks forward to the fall, she states that her goal for next year’s season is to focus on teaching self-discipline so that the girls become stronger students and athletes. “When they learn to take their success into their own hands, they will be unstoppable,” Leonard says.

Coach Leonard graduated from Bruno-Pyatt High School in 2007 after going to school previously at Harrison, where she excelled in volleyball, track, and basketball.  During her career at Harrison she was a member of four state championship teams.  After graduation, she played basketball at North Arkansas Community College.

Coach Leonard is married to Hollister High School Boys Basketball Coach Pete Leonard.  They have 3 children.


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