Architectural Contract Finalized for New Police & Fire Buildings

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The Branson Board of Aldermen approved Bill No. 5792 at their February 25, 2020 regular meeting, finalizing the phase two contract for the architectural and engineering services with Architect Design Group for both the new Fire Station and Police Headquarters. Phase two includes the complete design and construction plans of the two facilities, not to exceed $1,255,932.

Phase one with the same design group is now complete. This included a detailed spatial needs assessment, site analysis and master planning, conceptual design and site engineering.

“The City was able to reduce the architect design fee through extensive negotiations. This will allow more money to be spent on the buildings themselves.  City Staff will closely monitor the project to make sure the funds are spent appropriately, said Director of Public Works & Engineering, Keith Francis.

In 2018, the Board approved the $350,000 purchase of nine acres in southwest Branson for the new Fire Station #4 which will be located in the 1900 block of Champagne Blvd. This new fire station will reduce response times to the southwest parts of the City and will contribute to improving the effective response force for all parts of the City as resources are added.

In 2018, The Branson Board of Aldermen also approved the $950,000 purchase a 5.5-acre piece of land for the new Branson Police Department building at Forsythe St. and Oak Creek Drive. This new building will allow the Branson Police Department to expand in number as well as serve as an Emergency Operations Center and community gathering place.

The City was able to purchase the land for both buildings and will be able to use the money for the architectural and engineering design with money generated by the half-cent public safety sales tax Branson residents passed in 2017. Branson residents passed this Public Safety Sales Tax to make the City of Branson a safer place by spending the money on public safety measures like updating and replacing old equipment and growing the police and fire departments.


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