Harrison Voters Headed to the Polls on Tuesday

by: Francis Lin and Ivie Macy, Ozarks First

Voters made their voices heard at the Super Tuesday primary elections in Arkansas.

It’s one of 14 states holding early elections.

Boone County Clerk Crystal Graddy says they are seeing fewer people than usual for an early election, a possible explanation is “maybe people that are waiting to see, especially if you’re voting on the democratic ticket, how many people are going to drop out before they come and vote. Because if you voted early you might lose your vote if those people drop out.”

Despite the lower turnout in early voting this year, voters who still came out stress the importance of casting their votes.

“I feel like that if I don’t vote, I really give up my voice,” said voter Lisa Bogle.

“The country’s not going to fall apart without my vote, but makes me feel better about me,” said Bonnie Adkins, another voter.

“If you don’t vote, you’re just giving up your right to speak,” Kevin Bogle, another voter said.

“Do it, because you don’t have a right to complain if you don’t get out and vote,” said Vickie Wright, a voter.

“And that is our God-given right,” said Raymond Wright, another voter.

You only have to bring your picture ID, and voters said the process is quick and simple, with easy-to-use voting machines.

“They were very organized, had everything under control, gave my ID, and we were good to go,” said Adkins, “early voting you can come to one location and take care of everything, you don’t need to go out and find where you’re supposed to be voting, I think it’s terrific.”

Graddy said it’s great to be a part of Super Tuesday, but it does cause some complications because voting months are different every couple of years in Arkansas. “so on election years, we have our election in March, and in off presidential years our elections are in May. So it does tend to cause some confusion with the voters as to when they’re supposed to vote in the primaries.”

Voters explained what issues matter to them this election,”as I get closer to retirement, the economy is very important. Want to make sure that we have someone in office that is balancing, would love to see the deficit go away,” said Lisa Bogle.

“If we could try to balance the budget a little better,” said Kevin Bogle.

And some voters said they will support the results no matter what.

“Regardless which gets in, man or woman, regardless of what party they’re on, republican or democrat, they are our president,” said Raymond Wright.

“We the people means just that,” said Vickie Wright.


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