Local Show Opens Tonight After Re-Organizing Show Due to Performers Stuck in China

by: Madison Hever and Ivie Macy, Ozarks First

Though no cases are confirmed in Missouri, one attraction in Branson was impacted by the spread of the coronavirus.

The Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai are saying “the show must go on” after its original troupe was restricted from traveling back to the United States after visiting China.

“Because of the virus in China, they don’t bring any for the safety of the show,” said Juliana Chen, world champion magician. “They don’t bring the Chinese performers, coming here even if they’re healthy.”

Travel restrictions between the United States and China are a result of COVID-19, short for the coronavirus. Still, the owners of the show wanted to honor show dates already planned, so they jumped into action to find others to put a show together.

“We know within a month we need our acrobats to come here, which they got their visa, everything,” said Cathay Tan, VP of Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai. “They’re ready to come, but we don’t know how long that it’s going to close. So, we are thinking ahead of time, ‘okay, we need to do something.”

A variety of different performers and artists gathered from the United States and are now working to put together a show.

“All the performers that are from China – Asia – but they all live in America,” Tan said. “They’ve been performing in America for more than 10; some are more than 20 years. So, they all come here from different places…New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles. They came the day before yesterday, February 25. They all showed up in Branson.”

The show will still have acrobatics but also have more of a variety, including world champion magician Juliana Chen.

“Any opening night, anywhere, it’s busy,” said Chen. “We are really busy, as you see. Yesterday we were at rehearsal until one o’clock in the middle of the night and come today, here. I cannot wait for tomorrow to open the show. You can still see the Chinese acrobatic, but you can see a little bit of this a little bit of that, and also the magic mix.”

Tan says the show will still honor Chinese culture for the audience but will also have a different feel.

“Our show before is very traditional – traditional Chinese cultural acrobatic show,” Tan said. “This one, because of all the artists, they’re from everywhere and they’ve been here in America many many years. So, they’re a little bit mixed of the two different cultures, but still, it’s based on the Chinese acrobatic feature. We are very confident about this new opportunity. It will amaze our audience just like every time, every year.”

February 28 is opening night, and Tan says they’re proud of the show they have put together for people of all ages.


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