Dog Bite Near Femoral Artery Sends Officer to Hospital, Animal Owner to Jail

From: KTLO

A Newton County deputy has been treated for dog bites, one of which narrowly missed his femoral artery, with the animal’s owner arrested.

According to the probable cause affidavit filed Wednesday, deputy Levi Lowery attempted a traffic stop of 58-year-old Roger Campbell of Hasty Jan. 17, knowing he had a suspended driver’s license.

The traffic stop was initiated as Campbell pulled into the driveway of a residence in Piercetown, located between Hasty and Mt. Judea.

Campbell exited his vehicle asking Lowery why he was being stopped. The deputy noticed Campbell left his vehicle door open, with an aggressive dog inside. The dog has reportedly attempted to bite law officers numerous times, with Campbell having been warned to keep control of the animal.

Lowery reports he felt the dog was going to be turned loose on him, saying in past incidents, Campbell has closed the door to his truck.

As Lowery began backing slowly toward his car, the dog exited Campbell’s truck and came at the deputy in “an aggressive manner.”

Lowery directed Campbell to get control of the animal, but he failed to grab the long leash, and the dog began to bit the deputy.

The first two bites were just below the deputy’s left knee, with the dog getting only pant material. The third bite was above the knee, with the dog clenching into the deputy’s flesh and shaking his head.

Lowery drew his service revolver and fired one round into the dog, with it still attached to his leg.

The dog released his grip and retreated under Campbell’s vehicle.

Lowery radioed for backup and knowing the seriousness of the last bite attempted to administered first aid to himself.

At this point, the owner of the residence, Roosevelt Campbell, approached the deputy in “an aggressive manner,” followed by a neighbor, with all three men threatening Lowery and ordering him off the property.

A second deputy arrived and attempted to take Roger Campbell into custody, but he pulled away. Roosevelt Campbell then reportedly approached the back-up deputy from the rear with a stick. Lowery was able to warn his fellow officer, who then disarmed Roosevelt Campbell.

With his wounds, Lowery was unable to affect an arrest on Roger Campbell and deployed his Taser twice when he refused to comply with commands. After the tasing, the back-up deputy was able to place both men into handcuffs.

Sheriff Glenn Wheeler and an ambulance arrived, with a medic advising Lowery the puncture wound was a half-inch deep and missed his femoral artery by an inch or two. Lowery was transported to North Arkansas Medical Center in Harrison.

Roger Campbell is charged with felony counts of battery, aggravated assault, terrorist threatening and two felony counts of possession of controlled substances. He is also facing misdemeanor counts of resisting arrest, unlawful dog attack, driving on suspended license and reckless driving. He was also charged as a habitual offender. His bond was set at $25,000.

Charges for Roosevelt Campbell were not listed.


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