Century-old House in Hollister Becomes Art Hub

by: Josh Heston, Ozarks First/State of the Ozarks

Located just one minute drive south of Branson’s marquees and music is a historic home in Hollister with a fancy name.

Vintage Paris is a coffee shop that customers call their gathering place and it’s more than the brew that draws them in.

At the turn of the 20th century, the building behind me was originally constructed as a home by the Brittain family.

Over the last century, its been a boarding house for the railroad, office for the Chamber of Commerce and more.

But since 2009, this community has come to call Vintage Paris home

“Vintage Paris is very different. You’re greeted with a smile, a great cup of coffee, and good conversation,” Matt, co-owner of Vintage Paris said.

It’s a goal Matt and his wife Jessica started when they bought the business in 2012.

“And it’s just wonderful to be surrounded by people that want to be out and about, want to be there to communicate to other people,” customer Chad Snider said.

But the Farmers’ connection goes deeper than just business.

“I, you know, popped the question right beside that firepit and then about, it was about five or six months later, we got married on the courtyard,” Matt said.

However, the owners’ experience is not unique.

“I have people on Facebook all the time, like, saying, ‘We moved away and there’s nothing like Vintage Paris anywhere,’” general manager Shelby Winzefried said.

In time, Vintage Paris became more than a business. It became an art and community hub

“I think it was 2014 or 2015 we had a combined art gallery and festival orchestra night where all of them came together and this place was absolutely packed,” Matt said.

But for the farmers and their staff, the mission is much bigger.

“We’ve seen spin-offs in lots of different areas, and it’s really been amazing and I want to see that continue to a point where Vintage Paris isn’t, you know, an icon or stand-alone but it’s just one of many where that’s elevating this community to something greater,” Matt said.

Putting your business inside a small century-old house has its challenges.

The place does get crowded and the wait can get long, but regulars who frequent Vintage Paris say that’s just part of the charm.

By the way, they still have days where the customers come in and help clean the courtyard just to keep the place looking good.

Click here for link to story from State of the Ozarks’ Josh Heston on the Ozarks First Website.



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