Update on Marion County Homicide

by: Karen Hopper, KTLO

Details on the Marion County homicide last week that left a Flippin woman dead have been released, while the suspect hospitalized since the incident is now in the Washington County Detention Center.

Forty-two-year-old Richard Wayne Hudson Jr. of Glenpool, Oklahoma, was shot outside an apartment in Flippin Feb. 11 by law enforcement who responded to a call for help about 8:40 p.m. Hudson was taken to Baxter Regional Medical Center (BRMC) for treatment of his injury, where he had remained until Tuesday.

At the homicide scene, law enforcement found 40-year-old Kathryne Parker dead inside the residence and two other individuals had sustained non-life -threatening injuries. Parker was found to have an apparent knife wound across her throat.

Hudson has been charged with capital murder, as well as four counts of criminal attempt to commit murder and a single count of breaking or entering.

Hudson made an appearance in Baxter County Circuit Court for an 8.1 hearing Tuesday, following his release from BRMC. At that time, Judge Gordon Webb explained the charges to Hudson, his $1 million bond and his constitutional rights.

He was then transferred to the Marion County Detention Center for booking and then on to the Washington County jail where facilities are available to address his medical needs.

Flippin Police Chief Flippin Police Chief Henry Campfield confirmed to KTLO, Classic Hits and The Boot news Hudson attempted to exit his hospital bed and leave the room at BRMC Tuesday. But Chief Campfield said Hudson’s actions were not aggressive, and he was easily restrained and returned to his bed.

Hudson was already scheduled to be released on Tuesday, but the process sped up after the incident.

Online court documents filed Wednesday indicate video surveillance at the apartment complex show two officers arriving, with one going to the front of the building and the other to the rear.

Chief Campfield identified the officers as patrolman Kenneth Looney and part-time officer David Hannah. Hannah was on the scene as a first responder from the Flippin Fire Department, and Campfield says, “It worked out well that he was there.”

The video reportedly shows Hudson chase one of the officers toward the front of the apartment while holding a box cutter knife, which was apparently the murder weapon.

As Hudson approached the second officer, he charged at him with a knife. Officer Looney then “shot the defendant three times.”

Hudson’s sister told law enforcement she and her brother arrived at their father’s apartment earlier in the evening.

The woman said the victim, identified as Hudson’s ex-girlfriend, arrived and “all was well.” She described a scene of the four of them sitting in the living room of the apartment, with Parker sitting next to Hudson on the couch.

Hudson’s sister and father said after a few minutes they saw the victim fall to the floor, with Hudson holding a knife.

Hudson said the victim pulled a knife on him, and he knew his sister and father were in on it.

Hudson began attacking his father with the knife, slicing the older man’s neck.

Hudson’s father said he ran out of the apartment to call 911, with his son following him.

With the sister having locked the door, Hudson was unable to reenter the residence. He reportedly jumped through a window and came after his sister.

She said Hudson caught her at the back door and began attacking her with the knife, slicing her neck, arm and one of her fingers.

The woman said Hudson went out the back door, and she heard three gun shots.

Hudson’s father said he saw his son charge at the officers, with one shooting him three times. He said, “I would have shot him, too.”


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