Branson Cafe Honors Long Time Waitress

From: Ozarks First

Most people call it quits after about 30 years on the job. But that’s not the case for one waitress in Branson.

74-year-old Joyce Davis is still waiting tables at the Branson Cafe in downtown Branson after 60 years on the one and only job she’s ever had.

Saturday, co-workers and patrons let her know just how much her tireless service and positive attitude is appreciated.

Davis shared the simple truth about what keeps her going strong after all of these years.

“I like the people I work with,” Davis said. “I like the people that come in and they come back every year to see me. And I just enjoy working here in downtown Branson.”

We asked Davis if she’s planning to retire anytime soon, and she says with confidence, “no.”

Click below for Ozarks First Feature on Joyce Davis:


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